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Newly sown seeds should be protected from strong sunlight.


It is very important that in giving your seedlings life giving drink, you don't cause damage by giving too much water, too fast, or uneven watering.

To avoid this; 

Use a long spouted watering can to slow down the flow of water.
A fine rose on the end of the spout to give a fine gently falling run of water - avoiding crushing or bruising your seedlings under a deluge.
As you water, move the can slowly along your drill of seedlings to allow the ater tp penetrate the soil.


As your seedlings grow on and you feel the need to move them into new flowering areas of your garden or for transplanting into or out of pots or some other reason, always remember:

Handle only by the leaves and never by the stems.
Do not plant into final flowering position if your seedlings have been pot grown until the risk of frost has past.


Planning a Garden Layout - Some Thoughts

Whether you`re designing a garden from scratch, or redesigning an existing garden layout, for whatever reason, the chances are unless, of course, you are lucky to enough own a huge, country garden that your design will be dependent, largely, on the size of the plot that you`re working with. City, and suburban, gardens need not be any less effective, however, than their more spacious country cousins, and there are any number of `tricks`, employed by professional garden designers, to create effects, and illusions, of one form or another.

Tips for City & Suburban Garden Design

A small town, or city, garden, for example, may well be influenced, to some extent by surrounding buildings. Hard landscaping materials, such, as paving, gravel, shingle or decking can be appropriate alternatives to a lawn, in such circumstances, and shrubs, and herbaceous perennials, for example, can be used to soften the overall appearance of the garden. While a garden pond may be impractical, due to space limitations, a wall fountain, or pebble pool, with no standing water, as such, can provide sound, and movement, while taking up very little space. With regard to soft landscaping, or planting, a small garden often benefits from fewer species, and fewer different colours, of plants. Cooler, muted, colours, for example, can be used to artificially lengthen a garden. Some of these elements are aspects of London garden design, for example.

A slightly larger, suburban, garden may lend itself more to being divided, partially, into different sections, or garden `rooms`, as they are known by the professionals. This also, however, involves a degree of forethought, and is not simply a question of creating solid, restrictive compartments within a garden. An effective method, however, is to incorporate a path, which meanders along the length of the garden, and to partially obscure the view with trellis, and climbing plants, or other planting that allows a degree of transparency.

Professional Garden Design

If you, and your partner, have work, or other commitments, or a young family to look after, you may find that designing, creating, and tending your ideal garden space is something that you have little, or no, time to devote to. In this case, you may find that the services of a professional garden designer are just what you`re looking for; a qualified garden designer is experienced in all aspects of hard landscaping, and horticulture, and will be able to produce an affordable, low maintenance design that can be enjoyed by you, and your family, without a massive investment of time, and effort, on your part.

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