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Can you dig it?

Seeds need a clean fine soil to grow in so its very important that the soil is dug and broken down into a fine crumbly consistency. To achieve this, you would normally have to dig down about 9" preferably in Autumn, so that the winter cold can do the final breaking up when the clumps of soil freeze and then thaw. By spring, you'll have the perfect fine soil.

Digging in Winter is an option, but beware - the ground will be hard and frozen and what should be an aerobic dig, could turn into a chain gang task. If you intend doing it this way, spend some time learning some songs to sing out loud as you swing your pick axe…which you WILL need.

Get rid of little weed.

Because weeds are at different stages of growth when you start to clear your border, you won't be able to remove every weed in one go, so after you've pulled out the obvious ones, be sure to sow your seedlings in lines together so that you can tell the flower seedlings from the "weedlings" during the growth of both.

As the weeds grow, remove them as soon as you can to avoid them taking hold and establishing themselves among your beauties.

Ready to sow your seed.

Small seeds: Scatter over the top of the soil and cover lightly with fines soil by raking over the top.
Large seeds: Sow directly into trenches about ¼" deep and cover as above with fine soil raked over the top. 


This is very important. 3 months later, when all your seedlings are growing into plants and your neighbors enviously enquire what it is you have growing, you'll kick yourself for not labeling and keeping note of:

Plant Name
Expected Height
Flowering period
Any useful CARE tips.


Labels: There are many types of labels

Plastic sticks which generally come with an indelible pen and are reusable.
Wooden lollypop style sticks tend not to be reusable as once written on its hard to remove.
Slate, which are absolutely lovely but quite expensive
Metal stick in the ground with pen, which are reusable.


As your seedlings grow, they will need to be spaced out and "transplanted" to allow the plant room for the plants to grow all around. Look at your seeds growing instructions for exact method and distances as it varies from plant to plant.

....and then of course you could do what Jane Stevenson one of our regular customers does....

Moon gardening or "Gardening WITH the moon !"
"Gardening in tandem with the moon is nothing new.  Over the centuries many gardeners have followed the moon's transit round our planet and have had very good results.

It is nothing new, as I have already said (!) but its certainly a good idea.  The moon with its two phases - waxing and waning control the water levels and therefore there is definitely a better time to plant seeds and collect produce.

While the moon is in its waxing period after the 'new moon' and heading for a 'full moon', the water table will increase - therefore its a good idea to plant your seeds during this period - at least 2 days before full moon.  A sensible idea would be to prepare the soil after the new moon and have it ready by mid term - the seeds then have a damp period to start their germination.

Just one point to mention - do not plant your seeds two days before or two days after an eclipse!

As the moon turns to its waning period the water table  will start to decrease and towards the end of this period is a good time to weed (the ground is less sticky), prune trees and bushes etc - anything that will benefit from having less water in it."


Jane Stevenson

The London Seed Emporium will be really glad to hear about other experiences of unusual growing tips. Please send them to and if possible include an image as a gif and a little info about yourself.

Now you've mastered that, why not send a gift from the London Seed Emporium yourself?

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