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If for any reason you close the website and leave and have trouble re entering to continue shopping, return to and then click on the left side navigation bar where it says "View Basket", and that will bring you back to the point where you left off.

A few things to remember:

Don't forget to include a message with your order if the Seed Collection is a gift.

Don't forget to write the name you want at the end of the card message.

If you're stuck for something to write, visit our page of sample Gift Card Messages for some inspiration. Gift Card Messages to get some help saying exactly what you want.

Allow enough time for the gift to arrive if this is for a special day.

You will get HUGE praise for finding this unique gift, so enjoy it!

Please let us have feed back. We are always wanting to keep improving our gift collections and will be glad to hear from you. for the fastest help.

Go straight to one of our gift collections now:

The Camelot Collection

The Showstoppers Collection

The Romantic Collection

The Funky Collection

The Vase Collection

....and then go to our Gift Card Messages to get some help saying exactly what you want.
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